Your project is also ours!

At Seka, we like to say that we make things happen! We are building a partnership with you to evolve your ideas, help you to consolidate your objectives … Joining Seka is a guarantee of quality, efficiency and progress.



Seka is committed to provide a service based on collaboration with its customers. Seka has developped a working method that ensures to respect the vision of the finished product throughout the works … And that, with our expertise and advices!


At Seka, our goal is to help you realize your project while respecting the highest quality standards of the industry. To do so, we oversee each step to ensure its success and to deliver a quality product, within the prescribed time.


Safety is the heart of the compagny’s values. That’s why all our employees are certified and have received their certifications to work all over Canada. Prevention and training allow us to make our construction sites safe for our workers, and our clients.


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With more than fifteen years of experience in commercial and industrial construction, we have a matchless passion for innovation and continuous improvement. Through the years, we perfected our knowledge and improved ceaselessly techniques  in order to become a precursor in the domain. Thanks to our commitment and our qualified team, we offer you a service marked with cooperation,  transparency and dynamism. Furthermore, the safety on construction sites is our priority. It is why we invest in prevention and education to make our construction sites secured and structured for workers.

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